You already create great recipes.

We help you monetize them.

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What's the process?

If Remy is a good fit for your brand, we will work with you to create and sell your own personal meal kits. The best part, we never charge you any money.

Step 1

Join the waitlist

Step 2

Work with our team to develop a recipe for a meal kit

Step 3

Launch your meal kit on Remy

Step 4

You receive a percentage of every sale

Why sell merch, when you can sell meals?

Discover a new way to monetize your content with Remy.

What you get:

A portion of the sale of each meal kit with 0 startup costs
Test new recipes, without investing in your own restaurant
Grow your brand with new audiences
Create a stronger connection with your followers
Be a part of the future of at-home dining
A big smile every time someone takes their first bite :)

Benefits for you

You craft the recipe and the content.
We sweat the details.

We'll take care of the details.

Services we provide for free:

Ingredient sourcing
Inventory management
Meal kit prep and packaging
Order fulfillment and shipping
Fully-managed e-commerce storefront
Order analytics

What we provide